Leap of Failure or Fulfillment…Either Way

by | Jan 10, 2017 | 0 comments

For those of you who have been with me since the beginning, you know about my trip last April to see Oprah’s Super Soul Sessions. During my time there, I was particularly struck by the message Cheryl Strayed shared (listen to it here).

There were so many similarities in our life stories. Things I identified immensely with. Her overall message for those of you who want the CliffsNotes version: Embrace your mediocrity and humility while you strive for greatness. Sounds counter intuitive, I know, yet the underlying message was powerful. It took ahold of my soul and awakened me to a new level, first in purpose then with my intent.

I realized, as Cheryl did, perhaps I’m lying to myself. Perhaps all the dreams and visions I’ve painted about myself and told others about who I am are lies. Blatant lies. Then, I woke the hell up and realized…they are only lies if I don’t follow through. If I don’t take action. If I choose to fail by not trying instead of failing forward. A-HA!

Stephanie Melish Simply The SuccessFor years, I have been hired by companies to do keynote presentations, seminars, and workshops. I love this. I feel the fire in my belly when I’m on stage. It’s a second home for me, a place where my thoughts flee, and I’m utterly subject to the moment. I am fully present. There is no other feeling like it. I crave more.

I did nothing to satisfy my craving. For years, I’ve “talked” about wanting to do a public seminar, a speaking engagement where anyone could attend and be inspired or motivated to their greatness. I procrastinated. I lied. I found excuses. I took no action. Nothing.

Until now.

I took a step forward.

From being inspired with an idea,
to conquering my fears and insecurities (Who am I to do this? Will anyone come?),
to beginning to talk about it…out loud,
to asking others to get involved,
to fully flushing out the concept,
to executing a plan,
and lastly, now, announcing it for all the world to see.

I took a step forward.

Last week I launched my first public speaking event: Simply the Success. EEK!

I turned my dreams, desires, and wants into action instead of continuing to lie about it – to myself and others. I leaped with faith, understanding that no matter what happens, who attends, what people think, I refuse to fail through inaction but instead to move forward with faith toward failure or fulfillment. That’s the beauty of it. Either way, I win. Either way, I succeed. Either way, I get to feel that fire in my belly being fully present in a moment to serve others with my gifts.

Those 440 words you just read are not only about me. They are about you, too.

There’s something you’ve been lying about as well. Get real honest with yourself right now. There is a purpose, calling, or gift you’ve been pushing aside. Something you keep telling yourself you’re going to do…yet you don’t. However, it’s always there. Waiting for you to leap. It will continue to be there, I promise, until you decide to go for it.

I urge you…leap. Leap forward with faith into failure or fulfillment. Either way, you win.