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“I have no idea where I’d be without you!”

“Thank you for being a fabulous coach and for going above and beyond. The startup process has been incredibly challenging so I am grateful to have had your guidance and support every step of the way. You are an incredible force – full of insight, creativity, and pragmatism. I have no idea where I’d be without you! I’m so excited and optimistic about the future.” Therese Brooks, Charlotte Brides

“I highly recommend Stephanie!”

“Stephanie spent over an hour with me helping me process and look at things differently – I am also a coach and have my own training and development company – it’s so refreshing calling on someone who gets my industry yet gives me valuable insight to moving forward! I highly recommend Stephanie!” Sean Allen, Culture Stick

“She delivered a powerful presentation with excellent content…”

“Our Sales Training team hired Stephanie to speak at our most recent annual sales meeting. Being a sales trainer myself I was excited to see Stephanie in action. She delivered a powerful presentation with excellent content while keeping fun and interactive. I would highly recommend Stephanie. She is fun and energetic! She really is the Double Tall, Non-Fat, No Whip, Sales Barista!” Kim Phemister, Invista/STAINMASTER Carpet

“I recommend Stephanie as a writer and advisor as well as a trainer.”

“Stephanie Melish won me over. I am an overprotective sales manager working with a successful inside sales team within a very large organization. Stephanie was brought on to work with our National Aftermarket leadership team to develop an inside sales training manual. Over the last two days, she presented her materials is a clear and concise way being very respectful of our time and very patient with our specific requests. At the end of the two days, nine leaders from three different regions who all operate independently of each other walked out the door with one unified message. I recommend Stephanie as a writer and adviser as well as a trainer. She took what we all had to offer and combined it in a way that made everyone on the team happy and energized us all to go back and take our sales teams to the next level. Toshiba’s Aftermarket will be moving forward with a strong and unified message thanks to the hard work (and dedication to listening to the team’s needs) that Stephanie brought to the table.” Chad Dyer, Toshiba Business Solutions

“She really went over and above in that regard making it our presentation, not just her presentation. “

“The two things that impressed me the most about Stephanie’s presentation was first, her level of research and customization pertaining to our company. She really went over and above in that regard making it our presentation, not just her presentation. The other thing that impressed me was the vulnerability she showed in the delivery of the message. She was comfortable and confident in sharing very personal stories of her life to make the presentation much more meaningful and memorable.” Senior Living Communities

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“…she knew exactly what we needed to hear to be better…”

“Stephanie’s presentation was great. I love how she makes it interesting and I learned a lot from her at the same time. I felt like even though she is not with the company she knew exactly what we needed to hear to be better and how to get the point across to everyone in a positive way.” StaffMasters

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“I really enjoyed your presentation and the smooth way you developed rapport with the audience.  I thought the material was fresh and topical.  Look forward to meeting with you again somewhere down the road.  Continued Success!” CSSI

“Just a short note to thank you for a wonderful, educational, professional, and entertaining evening. I truly enjoyed every minute of it.” Thompson Financial Group

“I wanted to personally thank you for providing a great customer loyalty training session.  Your event was fun, interactive and educational both professionally and personally. In my travels, if one of my customers is looking for a customer loyalty training program, I will highly recommend you.” Rohrer Corporation

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