Milestone Moments

by | May 30, 2017 | 0 comments

There have been multiple celebrations over the past 10 days.

Stephanie-Melish-Milestone-MomentsFirst, my parents had their 40th wedding anniversary.

Second, I had my 5th wedding anniversary. 

Then, we all celebrated Memorial Day.

And today marks one year of Straight Talk with Stephanie!

In reflecting on all these momentous moments, I realized just how important it is to properly assess the milestones in one’s life.

You can define what you consider to be a milestone. It could be a birthday, anniversary, completing a project, hitting a goal, or when something important ends. Whatever you consider to be a milestone in your life, taking milestones for granted is a major mistake.

How to make the most of your milestone moments:

1. Celebrate your victories. Take the time to relish in your victory. Like, really relish it up. I put a lot on my hotdogs and even more on my victories! I previously was and sometimes still am guilty of not really celebrating my victories. Sure, I celebrate. Pop the bubbly! Yet, the celebration is short lived and very surface-level. Instead, a true celebration would take the time to reflect on what you’re celebrating, how you got there, what it took, and who helped you along the way. It’s about understanding the full picture and pressing pause in the moment to let it all soak in. Don’t fast forward so quickly to the next thing. Instead, enjoy this one for all it is and what it means to you. Give it a great big bear hug, and hang on tight until you’re ready to let go.

2. Acknowledge your mistakes. Along any journey, whether it be toward a goal or with a relationship, there will be mistakes. You’re a fool to think otherwise. Part of making the most of your milestones is acknowledging the mistakes you made throughout. By accepting the mistakes, you’ll open yourself up to learning where improvements lie. I remember my second year of business, when, under many standards, I “failed.” Instead of quitting, as I’m sure many entrepreneurs do, I retreated and assessed the situation, identifying many mistakes I was making. I later turned them into my first book, Bank Your Mistakes. No journey is perfect, but if you want to get one step closer, you have to have the confidence and ability to see where you went wrong and, more importantly, admit it. Mistakes are a crucial part of any milestone; take the time to appreciate them for all their teachable glory.

3. Adjust your sails. Milestones should not be just moments of reflection but also that of looking forward. They are the perfect opportunity for you to make adjustments. You may decide you want to take another path, tackle a new goal, or walk away from something that no longer aligns with where you plan to go. Being forward-facing during a milestone moment is one of the biggest ways you can make sure you’re living your life fully in alignment. Things happen, circumstances change, and people transform. Take the time to visualize your future, and adjust your sails appropriately. Your next destination awaits you.

Milestone moments are much more than a celebration of an achievement; they are usually the infrequent flashes that mold our soul. Take the time to appreciate milestone moments for all they mean by celebrating a little longer, appreciating your mistakes, and moving forward with intentional direction. You’ll be a better person when you do.