Simplicity Sells

by | Jun 6, 2017 | 0 comments

After celebrating one full year of producing Straight Talk last week, I started doing exactly what my Milestone Moments article outlined. Missed last week? Catch up here. 

Over the past week, I celebrated the victories (one full year, y’all!), I acknowledged my mistakes (What was I thinking with so much content?), and, now, I’m adjusting my sails.

What does this mean for Straight Talk?

More importantly, what does this mean for you, my most favorite reader ever?

Change is coming.

I’ve been noticing my open rates decreasing, my click rates decreasing, and certain longtime followers unsubscribing. This is some big brother craziness…I’m always watching you.

Think you’re just a name on my list? Wrong! You’re the motivation pushing me to continue strategizing and improving everything I do. At the end of the day, my articles, videos, quotes, and more are created to help, entertain, and encourage you

Don’t fret. I’m not getting rid of Straight Talk, but I have decided to simplify. Because I know simplicity sells.

Why Simplicity Sells:

1. The Easy Button. Staples built an entire multi-year advertising campaign around their Easy Button. People like easy, and some people are like sloths: lazy. People want simple. People want a straightforward, uncomplicated way to do business with any company. It’s a huge selling point and usually tops most people’s lists. Make it easy for a client to buy from you, get the answers they need, and they will be more likely to do repeat business with you. Have you simplified your business processes like the Easy Button?

2. Information Overload. Email, apps, social media, phones, computers, television, and dreaded conference calls are just a few ways we receive information nearly every minute of the day. Life is being lived in a tumultuous climate of information overload. With the amount of information being consumed, it’s no wonder our email inboxes resemble a muffin top, overflowing with extra messages you really don’t need and are probably a bit unhealthy. Unsubscribe much? Make it easy for clients to ingest necessary information in a clear and concise manner. Less is more. Have you simplified your business communication to prevent information overload?

3. Time Crunched. The most precious of all currency is time, and it’s in limited supply. But, like the person next to you, I’m guessing you’re trying to squeeze work, family, children, furbabies, volunteer work, friends, cooking, cleaning, and multiple other commitments into your skinny-time jeans. It’s a busy world. One of the top requested coaching areas I get is time management because people have been fed the illusion that you have to do it all to have it all. S., I don’t subscribe to that thinking, and neither should you. The biggest gift you can give someone is being respectful of his or her time. Have you simplified your business meetings to avoid feeling more time crunched?

In everything you do, make it short, make it straightforward, and give the customer an easy button. If you can create a simplified way to conduct business, you’ll gain more customers…paying customers. Simplicity sells. How simple can you go?