Will the Real GOAT Please Stand Up?

by | Feb 7, 2017 | 1 comment

I’m pretty sure there are thousands of people, maybe even millions, who decided to be a Monday Morning QB after watching the Lady Gaga concert, er…I mean Super Bowl, on Sunday. I’m going to throw my hat in the ring, too.

There were three types of people cheering on Sunday as they watched one of the historic and most spectacular Super Bowl games of all time: Falcons fans, Patriots fans, and ABP fans (anyone but the Patriots). I fell into the camp of wanting to watch history be made. I got way more than I bargained for!

BradyBelichickLove ‘em or hate ‘em, Belichick and Brady are a powerhouse couple already written into the history books before Sunday. With the nearly unbelievable comeback (the greatest in Super Bowl history), they wrote a new chapter in their story, which lead many people scream, yell, and proclaim “GOAT!”

For those of you not up with the lingo, GOAT stands for Greatest of all Time. No one, no matter their team allegiance, can argue Tom Brady is the GOAT Quarterback. I’ll spare you all his history-making stats.

As I take the reins as QB this Monday morning, I have a different perspective. I saw two GOATs and a huge lesson emerge from the confetti, Lombardi trophy, and tears. In life, business, and even in sports, you will be one of these two GOATs. The choice is yours.

Which kind of GOAT are you?

Greatest of All Time. Like the Patriots and their über-successful franchise (SHHH…I can hear you, Steelers fans), the first GOAT option is to be the Greatest of All Time. It’s a lofty title to hold, and it takes years, even decades, of hard work and perseverance to get there. Here’s what this GOAT looks like:

  • They develop their talent fully. More often than not, the greatest of all time usually develop their talent by focusing on both their strengths and finding ways to improve them as well as their areas for opportunity daily.
  • They have an experienced coach. I may be biased on this point, seeing as I coach businesses and people to their next level of success, but speak to any “greatest” person, and I guarantee you they will attribute part of their success to a mentor or coach who was experienced and helped guide them toward their best.
  • They never give up. No matter the deficit, they play the game with “hearts full, can’t lose” attitude until the bitter end. They refuse to give up. They fall down, they fail, and they see each second as an opportunity to keep fighting for the win.
  • They create a team to fill their gap areas. Trading players and being mindful with draft picks is definitely an area the Patriots have long been successful at, even when some of them leave fans baffled. The goal is to get the right players in the right positions to set up the GOAT for a legacy of winning. That’s what you have to do if you want to be the greatest of all time. Find the people that complement your strengths and fill your gap areas so they can be the backbone of your success.

Greatest of All Tragedies. The Falcons are a clear picture of what the other GOAT option is: greatest of all tragedies. Statistics showed at one point it was nearly impossible for them to lose. Per ESPN, The Falcons had a 99.6% chance to win the game with 9 minutes left to play. 99.6%! That leaves only a margin of .4, not even a half of a percent, that the Patriots would win. We all know how the game ended. Hello five diamond-studded rings…one for each finger. Here’s what this GOAT looks like:

  • They don’t fully develop their talent. Sure, they practice and have talent, but they never truly go all in and learn how to maximize their strengths and improve their weaknesses. They rely too much on their raw talent instead of how to grow, learn, and improve. The tragedy is having the mindset of “I’m good enough” instead of being a constant student who decides to always be learning.
  • They have an inexperienced coach. The Falcons’ coach was in his second year as a head coach. Getting to the Super Bowl is majorly impressive. Unfortunately, there were some suspect calls he made throughout the game that can be chalked up to inexperience. When you look for those to help mold you and coach you, find someone who has walked the path and is truly vetted. Don’t get me wrong, everyone has to start somewhere, but a newbie is better served as your peer, not your coach.
  • They fall apart under pressure. The largest comeback in Super Bowl history means that the team on the other side had the largest collapse as well. This is the saddest of the tragedy GOAT attributes. You can be moments from success, and, in an instant, you allow circumstances to get in the way and buckle you. For most people, those circumstances revolve around fear. Fear of success is legit, leading you to quit. See what I did right there?
  • They attempt to go it alone. Playing the game of success alone is no fun. Putting all your expectations on yourself to achieve the win is a lose-lose. The best part of a journey toward greatness is having others surrounding you. Life is a tragedy when lived alone. Don’t do it. There is power in partnering with others. DISCLAIMER: they have to be the right people. No toxic people need apply.

Now that you know the full definitions of each GOAT, which one are you? Which GOAT is showing up day in and day out of your life? Which are you striving to be? Which will be your legacy? It’s your choice. There is plenty of tragedy in the world. Don’t allow yourself to be included. Be the greatest with all of your time, and you’ll write a biography worth reading.