The Business of Storytelling

by | Mar 28, 2017 | 2 comments

Everyone loves a great story.

Action, drama, and rom-com alike, everyone loves a movie that tells an unforgettable story. It’s why last year approximately 1.3 billion* movie tickets were sold. Yes, you read that right. Billion. With a b.

Movies are big business. While you may see only the actors on screen, behind every great story is a team who make it all happen. Producers, directors, and writers each play an integral part in creating a story to be told on the big screen.

You, too, are big business. You have an important story you’re telling each and every day. Who’s behind you, helping craft a message others want to buy a ticket to see?

Stephanie Melish Sales Barista Director ChairWho’s the team behind your business story?

  1. Producer. The producer is the lead boss. This person takes control of all things, including funding, to make a movie happen. They also make sure the entire crew (all managers, actors, lighting crew, writers, and contractors) work toward the common goal of making an amazing movie. In business, the producer is the boss of all things. This person is the head orchestrator of getting the story created, told, and sold. The producer is your president, CEO, or you (depending). Without a producer, your story won’t get off the ground. This person is the key to making things happen. If you want your story to be told to the world, you need a producer on hand as well as payroll. Who’s producing for you?
  2. Director. The director is the creative lead. This person develops the vision of your story. They take all the funds and people the producer has collected and put them to work, directing and instructing them so they execute a perfectly crafted pitch. The director sees both the operational and creative sides, making this person a very powerful part of the team. In business, the director is most likely the right hand to the owner. Without a director, your story will fall flat because there’s no one there to take charge and get everyone moving in the same direction. Clearly that’s why they’re called directors. Duh! Who’s directing for you?
  3. Writer. The writer is a communications expert, aka word nerd. Hey, you talking to me? This is the person who truly tells your story. They create the communication by putting words to paper for others to speak, hear, and understand. In business, the writer is your marketing genius. This person knows your story inside and out and crafts compelling messages to help transfer your story to the world. The writer is probably your CMO. Without a writer, your story doesn’t get spoken. This person is the key to giving the story life by writing the scripts your entire business will bank on. Who’s writing for you?

Storytelling is big business, yet so many people don’t take the time to look around and understand who’s helping them create their story. A powerful story sells. A powerful story gets retold. A powerful story is the key to creating a lasting legacy. Your business story is imperative. Surround yourself with the best team to help you tell it.

Storytelling is the best investment you can make.

*Source: Nash Information Services, LLC